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Why Hitched?


A Stress-Free Day


An Experienced Team


To Let Guests be Guests


Vendor Relationships


We're Better Together!

I'm glad you asked!

Chances are, you've been planning this day for months, maybe years, and you've dreamt about it your entire life. You've spent countless hours and lots of money... shouldn't you be able to enjoy it? Our job is to make sure what you've planned, happens the way you've planned it to. We confirm with vendors and act as a liaison  and advocate for you throughout your event. We also create and distribute a timeline to keep everyone on the same page throughout the day. Of course we hope everything goes off without a hitch, but in the case it doesn't - unexpected weather, misplaced rings, more guests than chairs, etc.... we are there and on it so you and your loved ones can keep your focus on what matter most: each other.


Hitched is perfect for the couple who has handled the planning on their own, but who want the freedom to be fully present throughout the wedding day. These couples know the day comes with various tasks and want to leave the nitty-gritty to professionals (NOT their mothers or Maid-of-Honor - they're guests too!). We offer lots of experience without the price tag of a full wedding planner. At the end of the (perfect) day, your peace of mind will be worth every penny. 

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